Thursday, September 27, 2007



Sock-friendly clogs.

Last night I tried them on with “My First Pair of Socks Ever” (aka the Cherry Tree Hill socks), and my feet were sooo comfortable. Teresa was not exaggerating about the wonders of wearing socks hand-knit to fit your feet. I couldn’t bring myself to take them off and save them for today. So, today I’m wearing store-bought socks with my new clogs – not nearly as comfortable, and I’m just dying to finish “My Second Pair of Socks Ever” (aka the Dream In Color Deep Seaflower) socks.

I'm still working on the first sock (aka "My Third Sock Ever").

There’s more Dream In Color sock yarn in my stash, but there are so many other things I should knit or finish knitting first. Sigh.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Teresa said...

Very cute!
Where did you find them?