Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Do Socks Count?

This post is being written on the fly - something I HATE to do lest you all conclude (or figure out) that I'm completely illiterate. I apologize up front if I am less than cogent today.

Although it's hard to tell from this pic, knitting continues on the Alpine Shawl. I'm going to be in a terrible time-crunch from now until the middle of October. Work leaves me exhausted and often incoherent in the evenings. I'm taking care to knit the Alpine only when I'm relatively alert - which gives me about an hour at best some evenings. By 9:00 p.m. it's all over.

So far I've completed 26 pattern repeats of Chart B. The pattern calls for 37, but I'm planning to knit a minimum of 38 pattern repeats. If this were any other time of year, I would make a commitment to knit at least one pattern repeat a night until the thing is done. Given my work commitments, I can either forget about that or put my sanity at risk.

Meanwhile, knitting continues on the second Cherry Tree Hill sock. I was wondering if I would experience "Second Sock Hell", but so far I'm still loving sock knitting.

Since I'm usually too tired to spend much time on the Alpine, I consider it realistic to hope that I will finish my second sock ever this week. Hope springs eternal. Besides, I'm itching to cast on a second pair with the Dream in Color sock yarn.

While the sock-knitting honeymoon has yet to wear off, I have encountered some frustration. Knitting with size 0 DPNs is like knitting with toothpics - and size 0 DPNs are wont to break if you're not careful when you try on a partially knitted sock.

Luckily (or stupidly) I bought inexpensive DPNs because I wasn't sure whether I'd like sock knitting. I guess it's time to do a little research into better options.

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