Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Color Purple

I’m still collecting yarn for the Log Cabin Afghan. On Saturday I dropped by the Yarn & Needle and found some cream and a nice bright yellow that will work.

I also bought 3 skeins of a dark purple that I thought would contrast nicely with the periwinkle and work well with the other colors, including black. WRONG. The new purple is too red. RATS!

In my stash there’s 1 skein of a dark (but not too dark) bluer purple that could work in a pinch. It works with the periwinkle and other colors – even the black, but it doesn’t make the periwinkle pop the way it could. Besides, I’d like to use more than 1 skein of the dark purple in the blanket.

The “too red” purple is on the left, the periwinkle is in the center and the purple from my stash in on the right. This is REALLY FRUSTRATING: 1st – because my photography/PhotoShop skills aren’t up to the task of showing you the true colors of these yarns (on my monitor the "too red" purple actually looks great with the periwinkle and the periwinkle and bluer purple look too blue - Aack!), and 2nd – because I never thought it would be so difficult to find just the right shade of purple. I’m naive, I know.

Here, the purple (of last resort) from my stash is at the top with some of the other colors. (The yellow and green are actually a little brighter than they appear on my monitor, but they're not garish. Don't worry.)

Tonight is Knit Night at the Ball and Skein. The quest for the perfect purple continues.

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Teresa said...

Don't get down on yourself, too much Susan...purple is one of the hardest colors to photograph / photoshop and get an accurate representation.

Are you using worsted weight 100% wool? If I have anything in my stash that would work, you are welcome to it!