Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm Sure I'm Overthinking This

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I knitted up a log cabin block on impulse. I was pretty pleased with the results and considered making a log cabin blanket.

Afterwards I bought 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in "Delphinium" thinking it might make a good main color.

However, the more I looked at other knitters’ log cabin blankets and blocks* on the Mason Dixon KAL, the more I realized that perhaps I should PLAN this blanket rather than knitting it up randomly. Let’s face it, my ability to mix colors is hit or miss.

In Mason Dixon Knitting, the directions for a log cabin blanket say to knit each block until there are 9 garter stitch ridges – so that each block is the same width. I didn’t do that with my first block, but nothing says I have to use that block.

In Unexpected Knitting, Debbie New does not adhere to that rule. The widths of her garter stitch blocks vary, and the result looks great. Of course, that is Debbie New. She’s a true artist with an amazing sense of color. Me: Not so much.

At this point, this project has stalled while I consider the following questions:

1. Should all of the strips in each block be the same width and the center blocks all be the same size or should I go for a random look?

2. Should I use the same color scheme for each block?

3. Should the blocks be square or rectangular?

4. How many colors should I use?

5. Should I use the yarn in my stash or buy some coordinating colors?

The whole point of starting that block was to do some mindless knitting – but knitting a log cabin afghan may not be so mindless after all.

*Examples of log cabin blocks & blankets from the Mason Dixon KAL can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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