Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Feet

Last night I finished my first pair of socks. I was so excited that even Dave acted like he thought they were neat.

Last week I posed the question: Do Socks Count? (When I wrote that post I was so fried that I forgot to address the question in the body of the post.) Some knitters don’t include socks when they count the number of projects they have on the needles. Others do.

I think I’m going to count them for now, but I also think I’m going to be one of those knitters who always have a sock on the needles. Socks are just too much fun to knit, too quick to knit up, and they are wonderfully mindless and portable. They make a great alternative when I’m knitting (bogged down with) lace, like the Alpine Shawl. I really think that thing should be called the Albatross Shawl.

Alice commented that she has avoided sock knitting so far because it’s so addictive. She’s right about that. I’m actually considering buying a pair of shoes that will work with my hand-knit socks so I can wear them to work. I’ve completely lost it.

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