Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Under Glass

Yom Kippur begins at sundown tonight. Between the High Holidays and work demands, I’ve been craving downtime even more than usual. As a result I tend to stay up late to knit. Last night was such a night.

As usual, Dave went to bed at a reasonable hour.

At about 11:30p, I decided to pack up my knitting and call it quits. Just then a REALLY BIG spider moved rapidly across the carpet. Eeewww.

I couldn’t justify waking Dave to kill a spider, no matter how big, so I used an old trick I learned in the Army. Well, okay. I was never in the Army. I developed this trick during my years as a single mother of two boys who hate spiders as much as I do. I took a glass from the kitchen and placed it over the spider.

(The zoom-in feature on my camera is a wonderful thing. It took courage to get close enough to capture that spider with a glass. I’m really glad I didn’t have to get that close to take this photo.)

In the old days I would have left the spider there to die and desiccate to the point where I could stand to pick it up with a paper towel and throw it out.

Now that Dave’s on the scene I depend on him to dispatch spiders in a more timely (and probably a more humane) fashion. So I wrote Dave the following note and went to bed.


I left a glass on the floor near your briefcase. There's a BIG spider underneath it.



Dave left the house before I woke up this morning, and he left me the following note:

Dearest Susan:

I tried to step on the BIG spider but it flipped me on my back and scurried away.



He’s such a wise-guy.

The log cabin afghan is coming along nicely. I finished square #5 (bottom center) and made really good progress on square #6 (bottom left).

On square #6 I experimented with working in a beige strip that is not adjacent to the color block. I plan to make a few more blocks like this and see if the beige strips placed randomly among the color blocks look okay.

My new best friend Kay (since she read my blog once we must be friends, right?) designed the blanket with 3 kinds of squares: Squares 1 – 5 are “fat squares.” Squares 6 – 10 are “skinny squares,” and squares 11 -16 are “medium squares.” At this point I think I’ve knitted all of the fat squares and have moved on to the skinny squares. I say “think” because I may change my mind later and make the blanket bigger by knitting a total of 20 squares instead of 16. We’ll see.

As the weekend draws near, I want to wish everyone who is celebrating the New Year a happy one. L’Shana Tova!


Teresa said...

Dave's response made me laugh out loud! I love his brand of humor. :)

...and I really needed that laugh.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Alice said...

Eek, I probably would have woken up my husband--that is one huge spider!

The log cabin blocks look awesome so far, I really love how the creams and white play off eachother!

Robin said...

ROFLMAO....Oh, you are too funny! We do share the same phobia, I can't just cover it with a glass...without a squeal that immediately alerts hubby to the fact I've "found" something! You are much, much more brave than I!!!!

Sourire11 said...

That's a hilarious story...your husband's response is great!

At least it was't a scorpian spider.