Tuesday, September 18, 2007

4 Squares A Day

Not. I can’t even finish 1 square a day. I WISH I could knit that fast. But I’m still having a lot of fun with the log cabin afghan.

This weekend I studied the Assymetrical Log Cabin (scroll down to the 8/14/07 post) on the Mason Dixon Blog a little bit more and realized that even the crème and white background was knitted with various shades of scrap yarn. I’d been using the same yarn for the 4 outer strips of each square, and it was becoming apparent that I didn’t have quite enough for the entire blanket. (One really nice thing about this project is that I know how many stitches there are in each block, so once I’ve used up a complete skein of a certain yarn I can tell exactly how many stitches I’ve gotten out of it.) This necessitated another trip to the Yarn & Needle and to the Stitching Post for some other shades of crème yarn.

When I settled down to knit, I decided to rip back some of the crème strips on the two squares I’d already finished and re-knit them with varying shades of crème so they won’t stick out like a sore thumb in the finished blanket.

Remember that I am color-challenged. There have been several times when I’ve knit up the colors on the inside of a square, decided a color doesn’t work well, ripped it back to remove the offending color, then re-knit the thing. It’s a 2 steps forward, 1 step back process, but the results are worth it. I LOVE knitting with these colors.

With all of the knitting, ripping, and re-knitting, I managed to finish only 1 additional square since my last update. There are parts of other squares in the works, but I’ll wait until they’re finished to post them.

The new square is on the bottom right. Once again, the colors aren't presented accurately. The center squares are all turquoise. The long dark strips in the bottom squares are actually a bright but not light blue. The color block in the 12 o'clock position on the new square is really periwinkle, as is the strip on the left of the incomplete square.

The incomplete upper square was finished at one point, but I ripped back one of the crème strips and used it in the 3rd square. I'll rip back another strip from the incomplete square to use in a new square soon and then reknit the incomplete square with other shades of crème yarn. The "finished" square on the bottom left will get the same treatment eventually. It's a slow process. The colorful inner blocks knit up fairly quickly. The outer crème strips take longer. So far I'm having too much fun to mind.

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Kay said...

I want to knit another one!

So glad you're having fun. Embrace the asymmetry! xox Kay