Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Knit Night at the Ball and Skein

Last night Teresa and I checked out Knit Night at the Ball and Skein. It’s a small shop, and it filled up quickly. We couldn’t stay long, but 8 other knitters came by while we were there.

The knitters were a fun group. They seemed to know each other well, but they made T and me feel welcome. It was fun to see their projects. Dana (sp?) was working on a fabulous free-form piece that made me wish I’d brought my camera. She said she hasn’t decided what the project will be yet. She was wearing a beautiful headscarf knit from Claudia Handpaints sock yarn and Wendy Bernard’s Dream Swatch Head Wrap pattern. It was so stunning that I wanted to drop all of my projects and start one right on the spot.

In true Susan form, I did not plan well. (So typical.) I did not pack my knitting when I left for the office in the morning. Then, of course, work was busy. I couldn’t stop at home before it was time to meet T. So when I got to Knit Night I basically ate my heart out while everyone else knit or crocheted. That sucked.

Luckily the Dream In Color sock yarn in the November Muse colorway was still in stock, so I jumped on it. It helped to fondle the yarn.

As usual, this pic does not do the yarn justice. There are green, blue, gold and burnt orange highlights that I just couldn’t capture. I tried.

Teresa (sp?) (another Teresa, there were 3 all together) was the designated “barista.” She whipped up cappuccinos for guests while Susan, the owner, wound yarn for customers.

It took a long time to wind the Dream In Color into a ball because the hank was tangled in places. Susan was intent on providing great customer service, and she was very patient and good-natured. She said some hanks of the DIC are like that, but some are fine. She’s expecting more DIC sock yarn sometime this month, and she promised to post a note on her blog when it arrives.

I hope the November Muse isn’t as hard to knit up and it was to wind.

Susan mentioned that she had top down sweater patterns on a rack in the bathroom. Space at the B&S is so tight that she has to make the most of every inch – especially on Knit Night.

T and I really enjoyed ourselves, and we plan to come back. Next time I’ll bring my knitting.


Dana said...

Wow! I got a mention! How fun to find myself here.

Hope you get to come back to B&Sk ... it's fun, isn't it?

susan said...

Hi Susan!
It's so fun to hear that people are enjoying what I've done. I love be able to offer a place where "we" can all "be". You mentioned that we all seem to know each other. You will be suprised to know that we all just me within the last month or so. I love the group and I love adding newbies! I hope you and Teresa come again! I love your energy!