Monday, July 16, 2007

What a Difference a Fan Makes

Yesterday I finished knitting the Copper Callista tank top. Teresa was right. A fan makes the blocking process go much faster. I prefer the total immersion method because I have more confidence in the results. However, it can take forever - especially with cottons and linens, such as Callista yarn. I soaked and pinned the back and front panels late morning yesterday, and they were just about dry by bedtime.

There was other knitting this weekend, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

It was so affirming to read Yarn Harlot's July 12 post about the Nebraska rape case. I can really relate to what she said about making a choice not to be angry all of the time. It isn't by accident that I work for the most feminist agency in town.

It's been a rough few weeks. Ever since the body of Jesse Davis was found in Akron OH, the Domestic Violence Hotline (937-222-SAFE/7233) has been ringing non-stop. That case hit home for a lot of women, and they began calling the Hotline for help and advice. You don't have to be in an emergency situation to call a Domestic Violence Hotline. The advocates are there to listen if you just want to talk. They will help you assess how dangerous your partner/abuser/stalker is and do some safety planning tailored to your particular situation. They will support you in your decisions - including if you plan to stay in your situation. They just want to help you be safe.

Saturday was the agency picnic. I work with a lot of intelligent, fun women. K, an attracitve woman in her 20s observed that most guys she meets in bars tend to be turned off when she tells them she's a victim advocate at a domestic violence agency. She said she's taken to telling them she works with animals at a zoo. She was joking. Sort of.

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Teresa said...

Hey Susan! Catching up with you via your blog posts. So glad you got the fan working for you! The sooner you can wear what you've knit the better! We got home about 10pm last night. The trip was wonderful! Just got back from picking up Dot and Sade about an hour ago. I've got school work to catch up on but I **had** to read your posts before I started that. Looking forward to catching up with you soon...Big Hug!