Monday, July 23, 2007

Fabulous Weekend

The weekend was just wonderful. Dave worked during the day on Saturday, so I tried to make every minute count - meaning I did a lot of knitting. On Friday night I finished the back of the Rowan Summer Tweed cardi. On Saturday, I managed to finish one front panel. On Sunday, I got through the armhole shaping on the second front panel. Meanwhile, I stuck to my 2-row a day regimen on the Oakley Shawl. Pics tomorrow or the next day, I promise.

The Tour de France was really exciting. Saturday was the first time trial. Competitors tend to specialize - some are good in the mountains, others are sprinters. The sprinters usually do well at time trials. There are prizes for all kinds of things besides winning the overall race. Everyday, there is a prize for the guy who wins that stage of the race. There is also a prize called The King of the Mountains. Michael Rassmussen is a Dane who has won the King of the Mountains several times (5?) in years past, but was not expected to be a contender for the overall race. S0 far he's surprised everyone. He took the yellow jersey (lead) on the 7th or 8th stage and has managed to hold on to it ever since. Saturday was stage 13, and Rassmussen was expected to lose so much time at the time trial that he would relinquish the yellow jersey. However, he surprised everyone. He placed 11th in the time trial and did well enough to remain a full minute ahead of all of the other competitors in the overall race.

Another big surprise was the winner of the time trial, Alexander Vinokurov, from Kazakistan. When the race began he was considered a serious contender to win the overall race. However, he wiped out early on, and took stitches in both knees and an elbow. He's been struggling to stay in contention ever since. On Saturday he came roaring back to win the time trial handily - putting him back in contention.

Yesterday was another story. It was the riders' first day in the Pyrenees. Rassmussen's a climber and did well - placing second and retaining his lead in the overall race. Vino faded and could not even stay with the Peloton (pack). Without Lance Armstrong and Jan Ulrich, the race is wide open, and it's getting more exciting every day.

On Saturday afternoon I watched the Masterpeice Theater movie: House of Cards. If you like that sort of thing, I highly recommend it. It was excellent. Susannah Harker, who planned Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice is in this one. It was sort of odd to see Ms. Harker saying and doing things Jane Bennett would never think of doing.

Saturday night Dave and I went for an evening sail. We got out on the lake at about 8p, when the sun was low in the sky.

The weather was perfect, and there were other sailboats on the lake.

It took a while before we were able to get close enough to get good photos.

There was more good sailing on Sunday, but I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

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Beautiful sailing pics!!! Thanks for sharing!