Monday, July 23, 2007

September in July!

So. Sunday.

The TV weatherman compared Sunday’s weather to September – sunny, warm, and without humidity. It was also pleasantly windy – perfect for a day at the lake.

People engaged in various kinds of water fun.

There was water skiing.

There was inner-tubing.

Best of all, there was sailing. The most sailboats we’ve ever seen on the lake at any one time are 4. On Sunday there were 10 sailboats, including ours.

I tried and tried to get a bunch of sailboats in the same shot, but 2 or 3 was the best I could do.

We sailed around for a while, then sailed into the “No-Wake Zone” and dropped anchor. Dave read Cruising World, and there was knitting. I got through the waist shaping on the second front panel of the Rowan Summer Tweed cardi.

Sailing sounds so romantic doesn’t it? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With Dave, all it takes are a few nautical terms. You should see him try to hide his smile when I use terms like “underway” or “coming about” or “main sheet.” (On the BOAT. NOT in bed. Your minds are in the gutter.)

However, in the bright afternoon sunshine we wore hats and sun screen for protection. We are not hat people.

In his cap, Dave resembled Larry the Cable Guy.

My hat didn’t exactly lend me the glamour I was going for, either.

So much for romance.

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Robin said...

WOW...looks like so much fun! The weather has been fantastic, we'll see what the rest of summer has in store for us!