Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Great Yarn Shop

One of my favorite yarn shops is Knit On! in Northern Kentucky - just across the river from Cincinnati. In the past someone has always driven me there because I always get lost in Kentucky. (It's like an unwritten law or something. When I was in law school at NKU I stopped accepting invitations to parties held in Kentucky because I could never find them.)

On Monday after I left One More Stitch I decided to see if I could find Knit On! by myself. The directions on their website were really good. I found the store without getting lost, and I only got honked at once - for being in the wrong lane at a light. Not bad.

It was worth it. Knit On! is an amazing store. There are 4 rooms crammed with great yarn.

When I arrived, there were no other customers in the store, and the saleswoman was teaching her granddaughter to knit. She and I called the owner, who gave me permission to take pics and post them. Then the saleswoman let me stand on a chair to photograph the front room. Above is the back wall.

This wall is in the front room, and so is the wall in the photo, below. (If I were stranded on a desert isle I could be content for a long time with just the yarn on that wall alone. You can't see the Elsebeth Lavold in this pic, but it's on that wall, too.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't photograph the room with the Malabrigo and Manos Del Uruguay because it was too dark and crowded.

This is one corner in the third room.

And this is the one wall in the final room.

I believe Knit On! has the widest and deepest selection of yarn in the region. They are the only store I've found so far that carries Koigu. So I bought a souvenir.

Now that I know how to find Knit On!, I plan to visit more often.

The linen jacket is done but pics will have to wait until tomorrow. I finished the thing at 1:40 a.m. Dave was asleep. I was asleep when he left this morning, and he won't be home to take a pick until this evening.

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Teresa said...

You are doing your own private yarn crawl this week! I'm a little jealous - but - promise me that you and I can make a trip to Fiberge' in September and that will calm the green monster.

Can't wait to see the Linen Jacket. Will you wear it tomorrow night?

I'm having Susan email withdrawal - good thing you are posting here often this week or I'd be going cold turkey.