Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quiet Weekend

The foot, she is healing - 'though not as fast as I'd like.

The above pic was taken on Friday night - 10 days after I sprained my ankle. You can't really see it, but there's a nice swollen black and blue area just above the toes, too.

Needless to say, there was no bicycling this weekend. Dave worked, so there wasn't any sailing, either. Thank goodness for the Tour de France. Yes, I watched it to the bitter end. Saturday's time trial was actually very exciting - even though I hadn't been rooting for any of the top 3 contenders. As a bicyclist, I have to admire the competitors' grit and raw power. Anyone who can ride a bike for 20 days through the Alps and the Pyrenees is amazing - especially at average speeds of 25 mph. Dave and I generally average 12.5 or 13 mph on gently rolling terrain in not too windy weather. On a good downhill, with a tail wind, we might reach 18 - 20 mph.

In addition to spectating, there was lots of knitting. As of this afternoon, the red Rowan Summer Tweed cardi is blocking - FINALLY.

On Saturday I doubted my tried and true formula, and decided to add an extra inch of sleeve width on the first sleeve just to be on the safe side. When I got to the sleeve cap, I realized I'd erred. The sleeve cap would be 6 inches high instead of the required 5 inches or so because there were too many stitches on the needle. Since I am me, I knit on figuring I could compensate somehow. However, when I knit the second sleeve I came to my senses and stopped increasing when the sleeve was the appropriate width (13 inches). That necessitated some serious frogging on the first sleeve. This morning I grit my teeth and did the right thing. I ripped back to almost the halfway point and re-knit the thing.

That blocking board was a gift from Dave. He picked it up at a garage sale and surprised me with it. It's treated cardboard, so he wrapped it with an inexpensive plastic sheet that would normally be used to protect floors/carpets when painting. The plastic needs to be replaced - but the board has held up just fine. The grid of one inch squares makes pinning wet garment pieces a lot easier.

Once the Rowan Summer Tweed cardi was pinned out, I focused all of my attention on the Oakley Shawl. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get that thing finished this week.

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