Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This is still a knitting blog!

Don’t let photos from the lake fool you.

No pics today, but some links to other knitter’s beautiful FOs.

Clicking around on I discovered the Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert. (I’m late to the party, as usual. This free pattern appeared in the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. ) My obsession has been growing ever since.

At first I had my doubts. The jacket is designed so that 2 half circles overlap to form the front. It calls for Karabella Soft Tweed, which is 100% wool. I like jackets and cardis that can be worn open – especially if they’re wool. I was afraid this jacket would be too warm to wear and/or would look funny if worn open.

A little Internet research turned up the following jackets: (The knitter's name will link you to her blog. The SCJ will link you to a photo of her jacket on

Hope’s SCJ – Talk about gorgeous!

Moni’s SCJ- The buttons need to be moved, but it’s made with Rowan Summer Tweed not wool, with size US 3 needles.

Marjan’s SCJ – In pink RST. Made with size US 5 needles. I like the way she pins it closed instead of using buttons or toggles.

Nicole’s SCJ – does not overlap in front. Now that has real possibilities.

If I make the Sunrise Circle Jacket I think I’d like to use Rowan Summer Tweed, but I’m a little torn about whether to order the RST right now. I should probably finish the red RST cardi that’s currently on my needles before I commit to making another project with that yarn. I’m using size US 8 needles. RST is a little stiff and not smooth, but with the size 8s it’s fine to knit with. The thought of knitting with RST and smaller needles does give me pause. Moni commented that she found it downright painful to knit RST with size 3 needles. If I can’t get a usable gauge with size 5 needles or larger I might not be able to use RST for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. (The pattern calls for size US 7 needles. That gives me hope.)

On the other hand, I’ve just started the first sleeve of the red RST cardi. It should be finished by the end of next week. It’ll drive me crazy if I have to wait for yarn when I’m ready to begin a new project.

In the meantime, Webs is out of RST in a number of colorways, and they tell me it’s on back-order. They have no idea when they’ll get more. I really HATE to spend more than I need to for yarn, but in this case I just might HAVE to get RST somewhere else. Dear Readers: Please drop me an email or comment if you know where I can get a good deal on Rowan Summer Tweed.

Non-Knitting-Related Comments
As you know, I really admired Alexandre Vinokourov for winning Stages 13 and 15 of the Tour de France after taking stitches in both knees and an elbow for an injury in Stage 5. Now it turns out he failed a doping test. He and the rest of Team Estanza have withdrawn from the race. I don’t understand why riders use doping methods (in this case an illegal blood transfusion) when they know they’ll be tested if they win a stage. It’s sad that fans can’t be sure whether an athlete is genuinely a winner or is merely cheating in this amazing competition.

On a happier note, there’s good news from the Ohio Supreme Court. They just issued an opinion that people who are not married but are “living as a spouse” fall under the protection of the Ohio domestic violence statute. The decision affords legal protection to victims who shouldn’t have to be married to their abusers and will help the criminal justice system hold unmarried abusers accountable for their conduct. Yay!

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