Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Color Fix

Yesterday I met Nancy for lunch at her favorite haunt. Afterwards we wandered down to One More Stitch for a little retail therapy. If you haven't visited OMS since it moved from its old location at 1609 Madison Road to the new location at 2030 Madison Road you should. (Both locations are in Cincinnati OH.) The old store was dark and crowded. The new store is light and airy.

Brenda, the owner, carries a wide selection of Rowan yarn and other "sweater" yarns such as Nashua.

She also has a wide selection of novelty yarn.

Brenda was busy finishing a sweater for a customer. If she wasn't so camera shy, I would have asked her to allow me to get a better photo of her Rowan Denim pullover. It's really gorgeous.

I succumbed to temptation and bought some Rowan Summer Tweed. This colorway should satisfy my color craving. It's sitting on the coffee table where I can see it while I work on the linen jacket.

Below is the beginning of the second sleeve of the linen jacket. If I stay focused, I might finish it by tomorrow night.

My son, John, is coming up tonight for a visit. That could be a distraction.


Robin said...

WOW...what an amazing shop(s)!

Teresa said...

Brenda's store looks nice. I clicked on the photo's to bigger 'em so I could get a closer look. Maybe some time you and I could make a trip there? Meet Nancy for lunch so I can meet her?

You post about sailing answered my question about whether you went sailing Sunday. I **love** seeing picture from the lake.

Hope you are enjoying John and your week off.