Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Incremental Progress

Ms Instant Gratification here, and I'm a bit frustrated.

For the past two nights I've had to run unexpected errands that cut into my knitting time. Each night I've knit the obligatory 2 rows on the Oakley Shawl (if I don't do that first it won't happen), a few rows on a cardi I started this weekend in Rowan Summer Tweed, and work on finishing the Copper Callista Tank. Two nights ago I sewed the side seams and crocheted the edging on one armhole of the tank. Last night I crocheted the edging on the other armhole. This morning I sewed one shoulder seam and crocheted the neck edging before I had to leave for work. Hopefully, I'll be able to sew the second shoulder seam and weave in the ends on this baby tonight. This drawn out finishing process is ridiculous. I should be wearing that tank today!

On the other hand, my son John is coming up for the night, so my knitting time may be limited yet again. I don't want to complain because I don't get to see him nearly enough. BUT, he will expect dinner (take-out anyway) - which will no doubt cut into my knitting time, and then we will probably have to go out for a milkshake. The kid lives on milkshakes and fast food.

His older brother, Brian, commented on his blog yesterday that if someone gave him a free association test and gave him the phrase "frozen pizza" he would immediately say "Mom!" That pretty much says it all about my cooking ability. I usually keep frozen pizzas in the freezer. It's up to the boys to warm them up when they get hungry. It's a good thing both boys are no longer minors or Children's Protective Services would be at my door.

Once the Copper Callista Tank is in the FO column, I can concentrate on the Rowan Summer Tweed Cardi. Below is a photo of the back panel. The size 7 needles make a nice change from the size 3 needles I've been using with the Callista and the size 4 needles I used with the MaggiKnits Linen for the linen jacket. If I ever get some time to focus on it, this cardi should fly off the needles, right?

There's no point in including a photo of the Oakley today. I've knit 2 rows since I took the photo in yesterday's post. At this rate it will be ages before there's enough progress to merit a photo.

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