Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oakley - Patience Is Not My Long-Suit

About a year ago I started the Oakley Shawl with Berocco Suede Yarn. I've long admired the shawl and wanted one for myself. In April 2006, Elann.com put the suede on sale for $4.98 a ball, so I bought some.

I did a little Internet research first. Knitting Wench made what she called a "Claponcho" based on the Clapotis at Knitty.com with Berocco Suede. She observed that the suede is a ribbon yarn, and she recommended unraveling a little of the yarn at a time while keeping a rubber band around the ball, then stopping to untwist the yarn periodically. I found a modified version of this technique works better for me. I unravel enough yarn to knit an entire row. Then the yarn only needs to be untwisted once or twice toward the end of the row.

The pattern calls for 6 balls. By the time I started the second ball I had become disenchanted with the project. As the rows get longer and longer, it takes more patience to knit each row. The fabric also had a little bit of a rubbery feel to it, which I found displeasing. Eventually, I put the project down.

This weekend I picked it up again. I still want an Oakley Shawl. This time I've resolved to knit 2 rows a day. This will be a test of my self-discipline as a knitter. I'm not exactly well known for my self-discipline in general, but so far I've stuck to this regimen for 3 whole days.

Last night I also began seaming the Copper Callista tank. Hopefully it'll be finished tonight, and I'll be able to add it to the FO gallery. Pics soon.

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E. Phoresis said...

Reading your blog is a bit surreal for me. I've never really had the chance to hear you speak in your own voice; i.e., the Susan voice, not the Mom voice, if that makes sense. This blog is pretty entertaining, and I can see where I've gotten my writing style from!