Sunday, August 26, 2007

There's a New LYS in Town!

On Saturday I checked out the Ball and Skein, a new yarn shop in Germantown OH, just outside of Dayton. The name is a play on words because the building was originally the town jail. (Ball and chain, get it?) It's a small shop but Susan, the owner, has stuffed it full of FABULOUS merchandise. (You can read about new yarn deliveries on her blog.)

This is the view of the porch from the front door. Note the small paper shopping bags with blue tissue paper on the floor in front of the chest. These bags were tucked in nooks and crannies everywhere.

This is the view from the porch. The bins on the counter hold Lantern Moon knitting needles in an array of sizes.

On the left (bottom 3 rows) is a colorful sellection of Cascade 220. Tucked in the corner behind the cabinet door on the right is a nice selection of Rowan Kid Silk Haze, some Calmer, and other Rowan yarn. That's roving hanging from the tops of the cabinets.

On the other side of the shop is a sitting area where knitters can relax and do their thing. Tuesday is Knit Night. Susan said they haven't been open long, but they've gotten as many as 12 knitters on a Knit Night. Her spinning wheel sits next to the chair.
Incredibly NICE. That's how I would describe Susan. Within minutes of meeting me, she let me kick off my shoes and stand on a chair to take photos of her shop. I was looking for some handpainted fingering weight sock yarn. She's expecting deliveries from several different vendors this coming week, and she was extremely gracious when I decided to wait until the Dream In Color sock yarn comes in instead of buying something else that day. (She knows I'll be back.)

This is a basket of Dream In Color worsted weight. It's washable merino, and it feels wonderful to the touch.

This is what's left of a shipment of Fleece Artist sport weight sock yarn. Trust me when I say this photo does not do those colorways justice. Susan expects to receive more Fleece Artist sock yarn this week, too.

Remember those little brown paper shopping bags with the blue tissue paper tucked all over the shop? Each one contains a Tulip sweater kit. Susan's knitting one up in the girl colorway. (The red waste yarn is temporarily threaded through live stitches where sleeves will be added soon.) You should see it/touch it in person. It will make you say: I. Must. Have. One.
Saturday was a really grey day, and the forcast called for rain. Dave was off and feeling restless, so after my visit to the Ball and Skein, we drove out to the marina.

When we got there, the sky looked really threatening.

It rained briefly. This was the view from the porthole.

We didn't mind the rain. I knitted, and we had refreshments to pass the time.

Afterwards the sky was clear and the humidity was down. Dave took a pic of me in the companionway. I was wearing the Callista Copper tank. I still love my tank tops made with Callista. The fabric is so airy and comfortable.
Dave discovered the fuel line needs to be replaced, so we never did leave the dock.
Note how sunny it was when it was time to go home.


Teresa said...

Ok. I'm officially green with envy that you went to Ball and Skein, Saturday. Looks like it's gonna be *the* place to go.

Robin said...

Cute the name! Your tank is beautiful!

Grace said...

Wow I want to go visit Ball and Skein! Sadly I am in Boston... It looks like an awesome shop. I have a real hankering to go yarn shopping now.

The marina looks gorgeous. Too bad for the rain though!