Friday, August 24, 2007

Something Different

Last night I gave a guest lecture for a nursing class and didn't get home until 8:45p. Tonight I have a meeting and won't get home until even later. On nights like these. by the time I get to do any knitting I'm too tired to knit lace.

After the latest fiasco (or as Teresa would call it the latest "episode of As the Alpine Turns") I realized it's time to: "Walk Away From the Shawl" - for a few days at least.

I've been considering possibilities for mindless knitting projects. Yesterday I stumbled on the Mason Dixon Knit Along and was inspired. I love color.

This is the first block of what may become a log cabin afghan. I say "may" because it remains to be seen whether I can stay focused on a project as big as an afghan long enough to finish it.

Depending on your monitor, you may not be able to tell that the color on the far right is navy not black, and the center square is periwinkle not blue.

This project certainly fulfills the "mindless" requirement. It's straight garter stitch. The hardest part is deciding what color to add next. I'm using various worsted weight yarns from my stash (including Peruvian Highland Wool, Cascade 220, and Reynolds Lopi Lite). It's fun, but we'll have to see how long it takes for the newness to wear off.

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