Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Half Way?

I think I’ve passed the halfway point on the Alpine Shawl. I say “think” because it looks a little short, and once again I’m wondering how many pattern repeats I can get out of this yarn.

The pattern calls for 850 yds, and I started with 1,000 yds. I went down a needle size because I tend to knit very loosely. The pattern says to knit 37 repeats of Chart B, and I’ve knit over 22 repeats.

This is how much yarn I have left. I wish I knew how far it will go.

I’ve been presented with this very dilemma on a number of projects lately. There’s a message in this: I really need a scale. (But I’d rather buy yarn!)

I’ve done a little Internet research. (Just for Ha Ha’s, try googling the word “scale” and see how far that gets you.) Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot, has a Vector Fuzion XTR – 500. So far the only place I’ve been able to find a price for that model is EBay, but I’ll keep looking.

Meanwhile I’ve been contemplating how to make a scale appear on my doorstep without having to dip into my yarn budget. I may be a yarn-aholic, but I’m not up for selling my body or my blood. (My first born? How much are you offering? Brian, I’m just kidding.)

My birthday’s in November. I could put a scale on my wish list. Dave probably won't give me yarn. He thinks we have a house full of yarn, and we don’t need any more (silly man!). However he’s a pilot. He loves “instrumentation” and gadgets. He might give me a scale – if he didn’t think buying one would make him look like a drug dealer. He might be convinced a scale is a good investment if I use the following logic: Since I don’t have a scale, I usually buy way more yarn than I’m going to need out of an abundance of caution. I end up spending more money on yarn than necessary, and when the project’s done I usually have the odd skein or two to add to my stash. If I had a scale I’d probably buy less yarn and use up more of what I’ve got. Think that sounds persuasive?

I’ve got time to give the matter further study.

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Alice said...

Wow, it looks gorgeous so far! I have to say having a scale is super helpful. I have this one, and I really like how it works so far.

It helped me a lot figuring out how many repeats I could eke out on my clapotis. I also really like it for figuring out how much yardage is left in partial balls of yarn to find out what projects I can use them in :)