Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We Are Not Amused

On Sunday night I was knitting along on the back of the Moroccan Blue tank when I encountered a knot (really another knot) in the middle of the row. It was bedtime, so I put the tank down, mid row. Last night I picked it up, tinked back to the beginning of the row, cut out the offending knot and tied in the yarn again. I knit one row. In the middle of the next row, I realized the rayon strand had frayed and broken in the row below. (I was watching Kyra Sedgwick on Inside the Actors Studio or I would have caught that sooner.) So I tinked back to where I tied in the yarn, untied it, cut out the offending frayed/broken yarn, and tied it in again. I knit two rows, then realized there was another knot coming up. This thing with Callista is turning into a love/hate relationship. In the photo below, you can see where the yarn was tied in (just a couple of inches above where I tied in a new skein). I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of extra ends to weave in before this is over.

My son John came home yesterday. He's finished his first year of college, and I'm really proud of him. Now that both boys are away at school most of the year, we no longer think of the other 2 bedrooms as Brian's room and John's room. When Brian's home he now sleeps in the room where I keep the ironing board up. When John's home he sleeps in the computer room. In order to download the above photo from the camera to the computer I was forced to slip into the room where John was sleeping this morning. Now that's dedication to the blog.

John feigned sleep, but I'm sure he was not amused. (I'm going to hear about this later.)

Only 4 more Days until T finishes the quarter.

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