Thursday, June 14, 2007

Susan's Considering Her Options

I'm having trouble getting to separate paragraphs. Please bear with me.

The Moroccan Blue tank is on the blocking board. I hope to assemble it this weekend. That Callista takes forever to dry when you use the immersion method. Teresa's right. I've got to get a fan to help the blocking process along.

I'm having a little trouble deciding what to make next. Yesterday I mailed a hefty check to cover Brian's summer school tuition, so I really shouldn't order more yarn right now. I'm not one of those knitters who will knit with wool in June or July. Instant gratificant isn't instant enough. When I knit something, I'm not going to want to wait for the season to change to be able to wear it.
A couple of years ago I went with the other Knit Wits to see the Irish designer, Maggie Jackson, give a fashion/trunk show at Yarn & Needle on the River, an LYS. Maggie's got a wonderful sense of humor, and she's very entertaining. If you get a chance to see her, do. Her designs are high fashion eye-candy, but when she talks about them they seem very doable. So of course I bought a bunch of her books. Shortly afterward, I saw her linen yarn on sale for an excellent price, and I jumped on it.

I've been trying to figure out what to make with it ever since. Turns out Maggi Knits Linen is not the easiest yarn to knit with. It consists of 3 loosely wound strands, which makes it splitty. Plus, the yarn is thick and think with slubs. This is charming, but does not lend itself to a lot of garments/patterns. Right now I'm considering the possibilities. Not having a project on the needles is making me twitchy, so if you have a suggestion let me know.
TOMORROW is the last day of the school quarter for T. Yay!

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