Monday, June 11, 2007

5 Days and Counting

Teresa will be finished with the school quarter in 5 days. I'm counting because she's been so busy she hasn't had much time for emails, and I miss her.

On Saturday I took myself to the Yellow Springs Street Fair. Everyone I asked had to wash their hair, or wash their dog, or work, or something. YS was jammed. I parked in the first spot I saw, which was just past the first light near the sign the says 'Village of Yellow Springs', and hiked in. Among the booths I found only one fiber artist. Now that's just plain SAD.

The artist is Marcie Brooks, of Cincinnati. Her business is called Handknits By Marcie, but she didn't provide a website on her business card. The weather was hot and sunny, and I don't think she was doing much business that day. Here are some of her wares.

On Sunday Dave and I rode our bikes from Spring Valley to Xenia Station and back - 14 miles round-trip. Last Sunday we met some friends in Beavercreek and rode downtown and back, an 18 mile round-trip. The 18 mile ride included a stop for a snack (pound cake and OJ) at a coffee shop in the historic Oregon District and lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. I'm sure we consumed more calories than we burned that day. Yesterday's 14 mile trek did not include any food stops, so I'm feeling virtuous.

I did manage to get some knitting in this weekend. The front of the Moroccan Blue tank is finished, and I'm about 7 inches up the back.

I wore the Boysenberry lacy tank again yesterday. I really like the Callista yarn - both to knit with and to wear.

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