Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Teresa's Needles

I couldn't resist.

I've loved the Basalt Tank from Knitting Nature since I first saw it. It was on my must knit list and then Susan started knitting hers and emailing me about it telling me how much she was enjoying it. I had two summer projects on the needles that had stalled out for one reason or another, so I decided knit it too.

It is really unusual that Susan and I knit the same thing at the same time and even though it's the same pattern we're taken different approaches - mostly because we are very different size-wise. Susan is a teeny tiny little bit of a thang. I make about three of her.

Because of this, I'm making the largest size and adding a 1/2 hexagon between the two full hexagons on the front and back. I'll have to add a few rows on garter to the bottom edge because of the unfinished edges of the 1/2 hexagons. This may make the length closer to tunic length - we'll see.

I'm using Cotton Fleece that I gleened from last year's Stitch 'n Pitch - they had a few extra bags and Susan and I took whatever they would give us!

At this moment I'm on row 15 of my second 5/6 hexagon. I've got 1 full and two 1/2 hexagons to go...I could be wearing this Memorial Day Weekend!

Susan - you need to go check out Susan Lawrenece's latest design...a GORGEOUS smoke-ring.

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