Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey! We are actually doing this, aren't we?

I wanted the first picture I posted to our blog to be a picture of the small ball of left-over Koigu that was responsible for us becoming friends. I'm very sentimental about that ball of yarn. So sentimental that I put it in a "safe place" - a place so safe that now I can't find it!

What's it been now, Susan? three years? since you read a post on one of my old blogs about knitting with Koigu? You emailed me to ask if I knew of any shops in the area that stocked Koigu..you wanted to knit with it to see if it really was a wonderful as everyone said it was. I emailed you back and told you I would mail you a small ball I had left over from a pair of socks I'd finished - enough to knit a swatch - and found out we live in the same area! I took the skein to your work, where we met in person, I invited you to come knit with me and a couple friends the next time we got together.

That short meeting over a ball of Koigu was the beginning of a friendship that I thank the Goddess for every single day! Since then we've emailed - sometimes 3 times a day! about our knitting and our lives.

I realized a couple weeks ago that I was using our email coorespondences (Thanks to G-Mail and it's unlimited disk space I've never deleted one of our emails...) to go back and see when I started what project or what yarn you ordered from what website. I started thinking that maybe it was time to put all that fiber talk in one place - I'm so glad you agreed!

So. Here we are. Ann and Kay got nothing on us (...but a book and lots and lots of readers...) I've struggled with whether we copying from them and the more I think of it the more I think we are just stepping into a long tradition of coorespondence between friends using Blogger as our medium instead of ink and paper.

So. To the really important stuff.

How is Basalt coming? I'm making good progess. Cast on the last 5/6 hexagon last night. After this I have one more whole hexagon and two 1/2 hexs to go.

Pictures tomorrow!

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