Thursday, May 17, 2007

The End Is In Sight!

T sent me an email saying that if I want to talk about my knitting it should be done on the blog. I was hoping to have a photo or two to post, but okay, here goes:

The Capri Blue Sonata yarn I needed from arrived yesterday, so I dropped the Boysenberry Callista Basalt Tank and picked up the almost finished Capri Blue Sonata Basalt Tank. (Photos would be helpful, here. Are you still with me? Scroll down to posts from earlier this week for earlier photos.) I finished the neck edging and tried it on. It fits – not perfectly – but well enough to wear. Using pointers from Kelp Knits! I added the 2 half hexagons at the sides, decreased at the waist, added extra edging to the neckline, and plan to add extra edging along the bottom. I also cast on only 20 stitches (instead of the 26 stitches the pattern calls for) for each shoulder strap. I’ll make the next Basalt Tank a little smaller and decrease more at the waist. I’m curious to see how this one looks after blocking, but that won't happen until the weekend. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish knitting the bottom edging at Knit Nite tonight. It depends on how much fun the conversation is.

Along with the Capri Sonata, I received the Moroccan Blue Callista. The stuff is gorgeous! It was all I could do not to drop the Capri Blue and Boysenberry Basalt Tanks and cast on something with the Moroccan Blue. (I’m definitely going through my Blue Period.) I’ll have to let the Moroccan Blue marinate awhile until I decide what to make with it. Photos by the end of the weekend. I promise.

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