Thursday, May 17, 2007

I had the whole evening to myself last night. Cherise is out of town for a conference - it was just me, Dot and Sade.

I got caught up on my DVR-ed Knitty Gritty's - most of which I just fast-forwarded through. I think the only episode I watched all the way through was one with Annie Modesitt. She knitted the fabric for a sling-back chair - which wasn't that fascinating in-and-of-itself - she's just so creative. Oh yeah...I tried to watch Lily Chin show how to crochet with knitting needles but her dialogue was just so darn confusing that I got frustrated and deleted it. I swear that woman has to be on speed!

Didn't' finished the second 5/6 hexagon...not sure why 'cause I got in about 2 hours of knitting? Guess all that remote control stopping, starting and fast-forwarding got in the way. Plus, Dot was really pushy about me paying attention to her. And I got sleepy and dozed a little.

Anyway. Tonight is Knit Nite. I was hoping everyone would be there but seems that's not to be. Maybe one of us should take our camera and get a picture of the group... that we've gone public.

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