Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Scarf Central

Happy New Year!

While I haven't been blogging lately, I have been knitting. Love those 4 day weekends.

Below is my first attempt at a Chevron Scarf.

I started this on the cruise, and quickly abandoned it - not because of my short attention span, either. This one's headed for the frog pond because I'm just not crazy about how the two colorways (STR Fire On The Mountain and Lapis) look together. Even if I liked them more, it would probably still get frogged because the fabric just isn't soft and fuzzy like a scarf should be. I think the very qualities that makes Socks That Rock yarn knit up into such wonderful socks do not lend themselves to comfy scarves. But maybe that's just me.

Moving on.

Behold! The Japanese Vines scarf in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids, colorway: Turquois. (Actually, I think the color is closer to a lovely teal. In my opinion, the colorway called Teal is a bit too dark and muddy to be a true teal.) I can't tell you how happy I am with this scarf! The stitch definition is excellent, as is the hand and drape.

The Japanese Vines pattern was a bit of a challenge at first. For the longest time it felt like I was taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Luckily, it wasn't too terrible to tink back, because the rows are so short. Eventually, I got the hang of it, and as soon as that sucker came off the blocking board I cast on another, this time in CTH Supersock Solids, colorway: Sapphire.

As is true of most lace, it doesn't look that impressive before blocking. The hand isn't that impressive, either. This one should be finished tonight or tomorrow. Then I'll have to decide what to knit next. Another scarf, perhaps? Discounted Name Brand Yarns has CTH Supersock Solids on sale for a great price, so I've ordered a few more colorways. What am I going to do what all of these scarfs? I haven't a clue.

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