Friday, January 11, 2008

Crummy Pics But a Happy Knitter

Where has the week gone?

My friend Jennifer had baby #6 on Monday morning. Her first 5 are boys, so she had an expensive test to find out the baby's gender well before it was born. The test said it would be a girl. There has been much joy and anticipation. The test was wrong. Jennifer delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Jalen Rashad. Like all of the others, he's a sweetie. Did I remember to bring my camera to the hospital? No. Rats.

On Wednesday night the Knit Wits got together for a post-holiday dinner. Teresa's sister is an artist, so T commissioned dolls for each of us. Her sister Cyndi really captured the look on my face when Dave discovers I've bought more yarn. (Thanks T! I just love it.)

I've been itching to knit something more substantial than scarves and socks, so I placed an order for some Peace Fleece worsted weight between Christmas and New Years. Peace Fleece was closed for the holidays until January 8th, so it's been quite a wait. The yarn was delivered yesterday.

Last night I cast on the Aran Pocket Shawl from Folk Shawls. (That's the Zarya Fog colorway.) I've really wanted an APS, but I was worried that all of the seed stitch would drive me crazy. Instead I've found this pattern really engaging and fun. The pattern is interesting yet soothing like a repetitive lace pattern, but you can see the fabric emerge as you knit without having to wait until it's blocked. Of course, I'm still in the throws of new love. Above you can see 2 pattern repeats. We'll see how I feel when I get farther into it. The pattern calls for 28 pattern repeats altogether.

Speaking of where did the time go, I spent the morning at home because I have to work late tonight. Now I'm off to a meeting. Where did my morning go?

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