Monday, October 1, 2007

Survival Mode

I am responsible for 5 domestic violence awareness events planned for Wednesday, Oct. 10 – Saturday, Oct. 13. (If you’re in driving distance and interested, email me for details.) Luckily I have a really great planning committee. We’ve been working on these events since January.

The first event is in 8 days, and right now I wish I were on a beach somewhere, or lounging in a beautiful garden, or near a waterfall, or in a foreign country. I wish I were anywhere but here.

The pressure is intense. My phone rings all day and emails are pouring in with inquiries about the events. That’s a good thing. It means the community is interested. But by the end of the day I want to say: STOP! I need to think (knit). In the evenings I’ve become anti-social. After answering questions and solving problems all day, I really need to de-stress (knit). If it weren’t for my interior (knitting) life, I’d lose my sanity.

That’s probably why I, Miss Attention-Span-of-a-Gnat, have been able to stay focused on the Log Cabin Afghan for so long. I really need that mindless knitting right now.

As of last night I’ve completed 11 of 16 squares.

You would not believe how much time I spent photo-shopping (that's a verb, right?) this pic to give you some idea of the true colors. I hope you can see them on your monitors. If the blanket looks garrish, then the colors are off.

It will be such a relief when the last event is over on Saturday, Oct. 13 and the blanket is finished so I can concentrate on something else.

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