Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Houston We Have a Problem

I'm home this morning. The plumber is here. On Sunday I discovered that the pipe that leads from the toilet into the basement was dripping "sludge" onto the top of the washing machine. Ew eeww eeewww. It wasn't a steady drip, thank Goodness, but I'll spare you the pictures all the same.

We got lucky. The ply-wood immediately under the vinyl flooring needs to be replaced, but the subflooring is fine. That means one doesn't have to worry about falling arse over tea kettle through the floorboards into the basement when one is sitting on the pot. It also means we don't have to replace part of the subflooring. Yay.

We knew the plumber would have to rip up the vinyl flooring. Last night I hit Lowes and Home Depot and picked out some self-adhesive vinyl tiles that will look fine until the day comes when we remodel the bathroom. The remodel is on the list, but there are so many things ahead of it.

Knowing the plumber was coming this morning, I couldn't bring myself to set out the Log Cabin squares to begin to sew them together. Once I set them out I'm going to want to leave them out, in piles anyway, until I'm done. So last night I worked on John's scarf. The worsted weight merino Malabrigo was soothing. I'll feel better once my house is in order.

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Robin said...

Knitting always makes one feel better...sounds like you need some SERIOUS knitting time!