Friday, October 19, 2007

Before & After

Well, sort of. The plumber did his thing and kindly laid the new vinyl tile flooring around the toilet. He left the rest of the floor to Dave.

Pulling up the remaining linoleum is no fun. Dave started last night and hopes to finish before he goes back to work on Sunday.

When the plumber left on Wednesday afternoon, the floor looked like this.

The new flooring is above the old. It looks much nicer and makes me long to remodel the bathroom - but all in good time.

I'm still exhausted and finally got to the place where I couldn't be nice anymore. So, I'm taking today off. Nancy sent me a pile of mysteries as the perfect "relaxation gift." She's the best!

We have to pull our boat out of the water and prepare it for winter storage this weekend. All boats have to be out of the marina by Nov. 1, and this is the only time Dave and I are off together. Aside from that odious chore, I intend to knit and read and just be alone as much as possible until I feel like my old self again.


Robin said...

Pretty flooring, lots of hard work but so worth it!

Hope you feel better...knitting IS the best medicine!

Teresa said... time for a newsy email today .


Looking forward to seeing you Sunday if you are up for it. If not - just call.

Glad you are taking care of yourself.
Big Hug!