Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is...

Finding Dave’s scraped the ice off my car windows when I get ready to leave for work in the morning. It was 17 degrees.

A couple of weeks ago I placed an Internet order for Dave’s Valentine’s Day gift. I specified that the package should be delivered to me at my office. I had it all planned out. I’d wrap it and present it to him tonight before we go to dinner. Then I made reservations at a sea food restaurant he really likes.

Last week he called me at work to ask if I’d ordered something from West Marine. Turns out the package was delivered to the house instead of my office. RATS.

Then Dave’s weekend went to hell. We went to visit his family in Toledo, but his cell phone rang constantly. Two of his staff came down with the flu and there was wind damage at one of their facilities. Poor Dave. To cheer him up I told him about the dinner reservations. That leaves me with no real surprises for tonight – other than what’s in the big box from West Marine.

To torture him a little I left it in front of the fireplace.

Meanwhile in keeping with the holiday I’m knitting something pink.

The yarn is Peace Fleece worsted weight. I’m using my own tried and true pattern. I swatched in woven stitch (see above) but did not think that did anything to enhance the yarn, which has slubs.

So I’m knitting this cardi in seed stitch, which can be pretty stretchy. I was careful to swatch in seed stitch, too.

So far I’ve finished the back.

Right now I’m working on the first front panel. I’m counting on making some serious progress over the coming 3 day weekend. However, my son Brian is coming home from college for the week. That means my time will be up for grabs.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Robin said...

You would think that a mail order company would be used to special instructions like "Ship to"! I've had my fair share of screw ups by mail order here lately!

17 degrees~~~~brrrrrr! How sweet is he for scraping your windows!!

Hope your day was Sweet!!

Sourire11 said...

Hey it's been awhile! how are you doing? Did you guys get blasted in this latest storm?