Monday, November 12, 2007

Something Old, Something New

This weekend Dave bought me a new seat for my LifeCycle.

I’ve had the LifeCycle for about 12 years. I used to ride it religiously, but over time the old seat became uncomfortable.

The new seat is contoured for greater comfort, so I’m out of excuses.
Riding Time: 30 minutes
Setting: Level 1 (Lowest)

Riding Time: 30 minutes 30 seconds
Setting: Level 1
Calories Burned: 150
Calories Consumed: About a Bazillion - We went to Outback last night.

This weekend I also discovered I can knit a sock and read at the same time.
As you know knitting, like working out, is an exercise in self discipline:

Socks Started: 2
Socks Abandoned Before Completion: 1 (I'm not crazy about the colorway of the first sock. It remains to be seen whether I'll finish the pair anyway.)

Stay tuned for pics...


Robin said...

Exercise is always better when the "tushie" isn't numb!

Teresa said...

Sock knitting AND reading, huh?

Wow! You are my hero!